[human madness survival guide]

On the fifth of April, 1992, around Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had about 500,000 inhabitants, around the city in the valley of the river Miljacka surrounded by mountains which made it the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics, in the very center of what was Yugoslavia, appeared: two hundred and sixty tanks, one hundred and twenty mortars, and innumerable anti-aircraft cannons, sniper rifles and other small arms. All of that was entrenched around the city, facing it. At any moment, from any of these spots, any of the arms could hit any target in the city. And they did, indeed–civilian housing, museums, churches, cemeteries, people on the streets. Everything became a target. All exits from the city, all points of entry, were blocked. 

Comiciava oggi, vent’anni fa, l’assedio più lungo della storia moderna ad una città straordinaria.

Aveva le stesse probabilità di passare per un covo di zingari straccioni che ha Firenze.

E un sacco di gente ci ha creduto.

(c’è una sola copia di “Sarajevo survival guide” ad Atlantid City, almeno finchè non la ristampano, e non si trova più a Villa Balorda. Ma chi ne gradisse un assaggio, lo trova qui)